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Paint Pots

“Combining traditional knowledge and skills to adapt our approach to design and decorating solutions ."

Faux Creation constantly watches developments and improvements of materials to ensure the finest results. Great improvements have been made in recent years to water-borne systems. Most interior paints available today have the benefits of reduced odour, significantly reduced volatile organic compound (VOC), increased colour fastness and non-yellowing properties

Care is taken to ensure the appropriate system is specified. Whether that is water or solvent-borne. The team are also well versed with the application of heritage materials such as lime wash, distempers, casein and clay based paints.


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“Creating finishes with purity and purpose"

Combining timeless techniques with our innovative approach to create elegant finishes with style and harmony.

We specialise in the creation of bespoke decorative finishes for historic or contemporary residential and commercial interiors.

Our studio’s commitment to research and unique approach to design development alongside close collaboration with our clients ensure we consistently deliver finishes of the highest artisanal standard both locally and overseas.


Sponge and Wallpaper

“Wall coverings and mural installation are one of our in house specialities."

The team pride themselves in the preparation and installation of all types of specialist wall coverings and papers

Hand printed papers, silks, grass cloths, leather and suede present no problem. Bespoke mural and canvas installation are particular specialities. Both permanent fix and removable options are available.

We work closely with the client to achieve proper surface preparation prior to installation.


Historic Girl painting column

“Listed and historic buildings require the same element of detail that went into them when they were first built"

Faux Creation is committed to the authentic restoration of historic and listed properties.  Combining sympathetic restoration with our aesthetic values and understanding of function and design, we restore and decorate buildings, allowing them to breathe and function as they were intended whilst creating textures and finishes that reflect the style of the building or of the people that live within them.  

Collaborating with outstanding professionals and traditionally skilled craftspeople ensures that we always deliver work of the highest artisanal standard.


Exterior Scaffold preparation redbrick window

“Beautiful exteriors deserve the finest attention to detail"

We offer tailored solutions for specific substrates and environmental conditions. The integrity of the project is ensured through effective quality management by our team of trained professionals.

Faux Creation are renowned for the ability to deliver beautiful finished exteriors with superior craftsmanship. With our specialist knowledge and use of high performance materials, the client benefits from extended one coat maintenance cycles.

We don't just restore and paint, we cater to every conceivable need. The sliding sash windows of your period home can be artfully refurbished. Stone elements are sympathetically restored and fine woods and marble perfectly imitated. Front doors are transformed with lacquer and polish whilst gilded detail offers the ultimate embellishment.


Protection painting bookshelf

“Protection is paramount and each project begins with the same attention to detail”

Protection involves the use of specialist products including multi-floor protectors, professional masking systems and clean edge safe release masking tapes. All measures are taken to ensure post-project cleaning is minimised.

A full wrap service is available on request.



Protection sanding frame painting
Spray finishes painting decoration

"Eighty percent preparation twenty percent finish"

Sound preparation carried out by skilled craftspeople is key to the successful completion of any decorative project.

In order to ensure the integrity of the project is respected, the team employ traditional and innovative techniques. All our methods are tailored to the character of the building and its surfaces.

Where surfaces are prepared by a third party contractor we provide the requisite detailed specification.

“Achieve stunning results for projects that require the highest standard of finish."

Modern spray technology can be applied on-site to achieve stunning results for projects that require the highest standard of finish.

With our spray systems we achieve a high quality finish thereby exceeding results from oil based products. Final coats can be brush applied on request.

Increasingly the team are called upon to refinish fitted kitchens, cabinets and furniture to integrate with new design schemes. Utilise our spray shops for high sheen lacquer work and solvent-borne finishes.