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 We are fortunate to have continued collaborative relationships with inspired clients who have shared their visions and allowed us to create beautifully crafted interiors.

Julia Hamilton-Russell

Private Residence - Cambridgeshire

Jason’s team at Faux Creation carried out extensive exterior decoration on my Grade 2 listed house. Jason did extensive research on the type of paint needed to preserve the house from damp and consulted experts. The work was carried out to a highly professional standard and the work force were considerate, tidy and easy to have around. I am very pleased with how everything is looking and I would definitely use Faux Creation again. 

Martin Jenkins


My wife and I were building a new house and in need of securing a decorating firm. Our own researches had found some good capable firms, but we listened to other trades on our site who had worked with Faux Creation and who were strongly recommending them.
From the moment we met Jason we knew Faux Creation were a bit special. Jason listened to our views, absorbed our better ones, but skilfully brought his immense knowledge of how to tackle our project to the fore. After seeing some of his workmanship and artistry we secured his services to decorate our house. Whilst not the cheapest quotation for the task ahead, it was not the most expensive either.
We have never regretted that decision. The craft, skill, knowledge and artistry that resides in Jason permeates throughout his team. The standard of workmanship matters to all who work in Faux creation for the culture in the business generates pride in teamwork.
In addition Jason has frequently gone the extra mile on our behalf when we have sought his design advice.

It is my pleasure to write this testimonial for Faux Creation.

Joseph Godla


I am writing in support of Jason Ebers.  I had the pleasure of working with him during a refurbishment project of the Frick's Fragonard Room, which included plaster repair and painting.  Grand Illusion Decorative Painting, one of the country's most respected painting businesses, was responsible for this portion of the project and Mr Ebers managed the crew that did the work.  He did a superb job of maintaining the highest quality standards, keeping to the schedule and navigating the sometimes difficult working conditions in a museum setting.  During the project he always maintained a professional demeanor and communicated clearly with clients and staff.

Mr Ebers repeatedly demonstrated an impressive working knowledge of materials.  He has the ability to adapt modern products to achieve the appearance and practices from an earlier time.  In the case of the Fraganard room he manipulated acrylic paint to simulate the glue-based paint commonly used in 19th Century France.  His work with toning glazes brings subtle depths to new painted surface.  Jason cares a great deal about the quality of the finished product.

While working at the Frick he discovered large areas of poorly attached plaster on the ceiling and he strongly urged us to slightly broaden the scope of the project to properly deal with the situation.

As gifted as Mr Ebers is as a craftsman, his skills as a project manager are equally impressive.

I have worked with many contract crews here and at the Getty museum in Los Angeles and I cannot remember a more efficiently run crew.  He set just the right tone for his workers; his entire staff was hard working, prompt, and concerned with quality. Working in a museum setting is difficult and his staff was always respectful of the public and the museum personnel. 

Working with Jason is a pleasure.  He brings a positive attitude and good humor to his work.  He possesses a rare ability to solve problems in what seems to be an effortless manner and produces excellent results. I gladly give him the highest recommendation. He is a talented craftsmen and manager with impeccable professional standards.

Karin Elliot

Private residence - Cambridge

What a find! Faux Creation are true experts, artisans, and we found Jason Ebers and his team always extremely helpful and accommodating. They completely repainted the walls in our house, and put special effects on our sitting room walls, bespoke furniture and kitchen countertops, all finished to the highest possible standard. Everything looks exactly the way I had imagined it. Faux Creation treated our house with immense care, they were very tidy and a great pleasure to have around. I would not hesitate to re-employ or recommend them!

Elston Interiors


I’ve worked on projects with Jason and the team at Faux Creation for some time and I would say without hesitation that the quality of work and standard of service is second to none.  This is much more than your average decorating company; Jason is a highly skilled artisan with a great sense of design who has developed a team of highly trained craftsmen who work until perfection is achieved on every job.  Whether you want a standard finish or an imaginative decorative paint effect I have no hesitation in recommending Faux Creation. 

Caroline Underwood


Jason and his team do a stunning job. Jason is happy to advise on colours and finishes if required and he has a network of excellent craftsmen he can call on to support the project; these range from cabinet makers, to electricians, to glaziers.  His team are first class and their workmanship is of the highest quality. The quality is evident in the detailed preparation and the meticulous attention to detail. They respect the clients property and the finished project never fails to impress. Jason and Faux creation have helped me to turn my house into a home.

Jennifer Marrus


 "Faux Creation has completed many painting projects for us.  The work has been consistently very high quality.  Jason always offered great suggestions for the best paint selection and final solution.  In my son's room he helped us design a multi-colored and textured finish that added the perfect look for a boys' room.  In addition to all this, I have to add that Faux Creation is extremely reliable - they start when they say they will, finish when they say they will and, even clean up thoroughly after their work."

Sharon Murphy


Faux creations painted my apartment 4 summers ago. They did a great job and have come periodically to touch up the paint to give us a paint job that will last even longer. We did multi- colors throughout the apartment and they were great about coming ahead of time to put samples on the walls to see the different colors. I would highly recommend them to anyone who asks.

Simon & Lucy


'Jason and his team decorated our complex renovation from top to bottom inside and out, turning a building into a home. Their work was thorough and professional and added creativity and innovation. Importantly they stayed the course and were there to properly finish off six months and a year after the project completed when the building work fully settled. Great teamwork, with quality people who I'd happily recommend'.

Bompey Almon Residence


Working with Jason and Faux Creation has been a joy.  They are extremely diligent and detail oriented – to the point that they painted our electrical outlet covers to match the walls.  The quality of their work is excellent.  We asked them to paint around our fireplace to match the marble stone in front of the mantel and the finished product was indistinguishable from actual marble.  I will always call on Jason and Faux Creations for my painting needs.

Thomas Marchisotto


I was the Senior Manager for a high end townhouse renovation in New York City.  In that role my staff and I managed the construction efforts of 37 individual subcontractors. 

Jason Ebers was the working project manager for Grand Illusion the firm responsible for specialty painting on this project.  Jason led his crew in all aspects of the work.  Our client was most demanding, setting very high standards for the quality of the completed work.  Jason never failed to deliver the quality of the completed work.  Jason never failed to deliver the quality required regardless of time constraints.  He always remained fair, calm and never lost his sense of humor throughout the project.

I found him to be conscientious and hardworking, someone who took great pride in his work. 

He is an excellent artist and technician with a superb eye for detail and colour.  I believe him to be one of the most talented artists in the specialty craft and I recommend him without reservation.

Pauline Spearpoint


We have worked with Faux Creation on several demanding projects in the South of France over the past 3 years and have been more than satisfied with their professional approach, quality of workmanship and reliable service. We would have no hesitation in recommending them to other project managers and private individuals.

Andy Lusk


If you visit Lincoln Cathedral, or one of the great 17th Century houses now made public by the National Trust, you understand, if you didn't already, the fundamental difference between a trade and a craft. Jason and his team at Faux Creation are craftsmen, reflecting the skills that once gave us these great buildings, applying the attention and the artistry that make you wonder how such perfection is achieved. Jason converts your vision for the ambience you want in your home into reality.

Edmund Thornhill


Jason has been a joy to work with, not only an exceptional standard of workmanship but also superb design advice.



We partnered with Tesa UK to produce a number of videos explaining the uses of their various tapes and how we like to use them. Jason is now a Tesa UK ambassador.



Changing temperatures, sunlight, wind and moisture: Outdoor painting, varnishing and enamelling work makes stringent demands of the masking and protection solutions used. Thanks to special solutions from tesa, messy painted edges due to peeling masking tapes and adhesive residues are now a thing of the past.


Tesa Precision Mark Sensitive

Expensive wallpapers, fresh plaster or freshly and high quality painted surfaces need proper protection. This is where Tesa Precision Mask Sensitive - low tack masking tape for delicate surfaces delivers great results on delicate surfaces.

Tesa Precision Mark

tesa® 4334 Precision Mask masking tape consists of an extra-thin and strong Japanese rice paper (Washi) backing and is recommended for use on a range of surfaces, including glass, aluminium, PVC and wood. The combination of the highly equipped backing material and the special adhesive formulation allows easy removability has now been increased from 5 months to 6 months.

Tesa Precision Mark Outdoors

Masking tapes which are to be used outdoors have different demands placed on them both from the weather and sunlight (UV light), and it is critical they have a degree of resistance to both depending on the circumstances of use. During renovation work on façades, high-value surfaces such as window frames and metal exterior coverings are at particular risk.

Tesa Easy Cover 2 in 1 Masking Tape

tesa EasyCover® Indoor consists of a Premium Painter's Tape specific for Indoor applications, combined with a special protective paper or statically charged PE film, which attracts small droplets of paint to it to minimise accidental paint spillage and slow down paint drops