Architect@Work 2016 - Olympia London

Architect@Work 2016:

2015 was another fantastic year for Faux Creation Ltd and we’re very excited for the things to come this year in 2016. 

On January 27th & 28th 2016 Viero UK Ltd. exhibited in the Architect@Work exhibition at Londons Olympia and on showcase were some of our trending new innovative wall finishes for 2016; designed & created by Faux Creation Ltd. for Viero UK Ltd. at this years Archect@Work 2016: London using their highly innovative hydrophobic lime plaster.

The event was beautifully presented, elegantly executed and on offer was a showcase of some of the very latest innovations in the ever-evolving realms of Architecture & Interior design. All exhibitors had to go through a rigorous selection process with an external judging panel, ensuring selection of only the highest calibre innovations in the market place to date. It was in turn a great honour to have worked with Viero UK in this showcase.

“The mission of Architect@Work is to provide more than a simple platform for architects and interior designers. The show is dedicated to the exchange of knowledge and innovative ideas between suppliers and creative”. Architect@Work - Olympia London, 2016

Viero - Marmorin Hydro:

Marmorin Hydro is slaked, translucent lime based Marmorino plaster formulated with unique selection of additives that allow the surface to hydrophobic (highly water-repellent) making it perfectly suited for use in showers, bathrooms and as a wet room plaster. Unlike other polished plasters this product has a matt finish and is suitable for both internal and external surfaces.

While Marmorin Hydro is extremely resilient, Hydro Protection is applied to further impermeability and protect the surface making it particularly suited to highly damp areas such as bathrooms, saunas & swimming pools. Hydro Protection is a long-lasting UV protective water-based surface finish that is transparent, stainless and water & oil repellent; that makes it ideal for the protection of lime-based surfaces. The formula additionally allows for excellent penetration of the product on the surface to be treated, with no impact to their breathability, colour or appearance.

Posted on March 11, 2016 .