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The past few days we have had some wonderful weather. The windows have been windows & doors have been open, some smooth beats have been playing and the team have been on fire between a commissioned bespoke 'slate' finished furniture and the prepping of new & exciting specialist wall finishes. 


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Posted on May 10, 2016 .

Interior Design Trends | 2016

Source: Jason Goldberg -  Interior Design.

Source: Jason Goldberg - Interior Design.

“Spring is the time of plans and projects." - Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

There is no better time than the present to think about starting afresh. Start spring with new colours and new designs. With Easter just gone, the pastel colours of Spring have set their place on the interior design scene.

It is clear that as our modern lives gets busier and more pressured; finding a moment to relax is growingly getting harder. In turn focus shifts to our homes where we can find some time to relax and has as a result become our much needed sanctuaries.

Whether to get away or switch off for a moment, 2016 will be a year centred around ‘simplicity, serenity and seamlessness’.

Source: Dorbracht -  Interior Design

Source: Dorbracht - Interior Design

Image:  Source

Image: Source

Interior Designs forecast for 2016, Ali Morris 10 trends suggests the year will be on warm but calming colours complimented by natural textures and soft shapes. The Pantone [Global colour authority] surprised the design world when they announced the forecast of two key colours for 2016 being ‘Pastel Pink Rose Quartz’ and ‘Powder Blue Serenity’

However this said whilst numerous trend forecasts have suggested the likes of the use of soft pastel colours complemented with touches of articles in clean rose copper, there appears to be a small buzz starting around what can be only be termed as 'Rough Chic'. Utilising characterful aged & weathered walls and striking a dialogue between stark contrasting experiential characteristic of both the old and the new.

Source: Photo by  Sharyn Cairns  for  Inside Out Magazine , styling  Glen Proebstel .

Source: Photo by Sharyn Cairns for Inside Out Magazine, styling Glen Proebstel.

If you have an idea and need help transforming your design concepts into realities get in contact with Faux Creation Ltd at studio@fauxcreation.net.

Posted on April 30, 2016 .

Architectural Trompe l'oeil

What's the plural of Trompe l'oeil?

I was asked the other day about architecural Trompe l'oeil and it got me thinking back to when I used to holiday in Antibes.

I would often borrow a pushbike from my host and go for a spin round the Cap D'Antibes. Sometimes I'd go round twice. I would pause for a cigarette and I'd often find myself inadvertently standing in front of a Trompe l'oeil of a newsstand.

One day I had the feeling of being observed, which was ridiculous, blank walls do not observe.

Actually, I was being observed, by a little girl on a balcony. I had not realised how far the trompe l'oeil extended.

Cannes, once a small fishing village, is now an exuberant temple to the seventh art. Once dull walls have been enlivened by such murals.

If you can't get to Cannes, then Lou Messugo does a wonderful walk through for you of some great examples in the region.

Cannes being Cannes, the walls are bursting with murals and Trompe l'oeil.

A more staid but equally delightful base for Trompe l'oeil is garage doors, particularly in the USA. Nobody walks in the USA but if you did stroll past these doors you might well do a double take. 

(Source:  Daily mail  - 'My other car's a jet... Or how to turn a garage door into a work of art')

(Source: Daily mail - 'My other car's a jet... Or how to turn a garage door into a work of art')

An astonishing possibility raises its head: the overnight Trompe l'oeil. Jon Fingas' article in Engadget describes how SmartPaint can be used to rapidly cover a dull wall with a fetching image.

Trompe l'oeil lives on and offers ways to use paint to enliven the built environment and delight the eye.

Posted on April 15, 2016 .